QMS Cellular Marine - Futurethis
30ml Stem Cell Line Eraser. Revolutionary Anti-Aging moisturiser with Sea Fennel Stem Cells. Cellular Marine is based on a revolutionary technology derived from Sea Fennel Stem Cells which supports the body’s own stem cells, enhances the stimulation of new skin cells, improves the skin’s metabolism and leaves skin radiant and rejuvenated. Inspired by the latest stem cell research results, Cellular Marine contains stem cells from the plant tissue of the Sea Fennel plant (Crithmum maritinum), cultivated in Brittany. The herbal stem cells are extracted in a patented and highly complex process. Stem cells are considered the fountain of youthful skin and help to prolong the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. The skins own ability to regenerate diminishes with age and needs to be preserved. Sea Fennel stem cells provide the most effective protection. This robust coastline plant survives the rough climate, protecting itself from UV light and moisture loss. Its stem cells contain all essential nutrients and necessary ingredients to protect the skin’s own stem cells. Every time you apply Cellular Marine the life span of the skin’s stem cells will be significantly extended and skin ageing distinctively reduced.