Answering YOUR YouTube Questions! (Moving To LA, Hot Girls, Training Split, Future Goals!)
In this video, Jesse shares a boatload of value as he answers your youtube questions. *TIMESTAMPS BELOW* -- ► Subscribe to My Channel Here:Free Download the 11 Laws here: www.JesseCatalano.comTIMESTAMPS 0:53 What is your current exercise routine 1:32 Do you skip workouts? 1:47 How do you get pretty girls to like you? 2:39 How old are you? 2:43 How you became interested in fitness? 4:10 Why do I always use coconut oil? 4:22 Why don’t you look like a bodybuilder? 5:03 Can you give some advice how to build muscle & how to gain weight. 5:22 What If I want to gain weight 10-20 pounds of muscle but I want to stay lean.. Should I eat more than I burn off? 6:12 What sports did I play as a kid? 6:38 I wish I knew more stuff about foods and how to go about nutrition. 7:00 My Ninja Nutrition Secret Tip You Should Ask Yourself 7:40 Why did you move to LA? 8:51 Favorite type of cardio? 9:15 What type of martial arts do you do. 9:28 What level black belt are you? 11:20 Why is my shirt off all the time 12:06 Future goals?11 Laws Free eBook: Go here to download► www.jessecatalano.comFollow Me Here: ▶INSTAGRAM:▶TWITTER:▶BIZ : JesseCatHelpDesk@gmail.comOTHER WOLVES CHANNELS: Adam Horwitz: Wolves x Mindset: Snapchat:JointhewolvesBrandon Amato: Wolves x TravelInna Moll: Inna Molls Youtube: Snapchat: ignaciamoll