Small Belcher Dream, Water, & Aether Necklace
Dream: Dream forward. We can actualize our dreams. Water: Emotion, intuition, healing. Water is fluid and soft but will wear away & overcome rock which is rigid and cannot yield. Aether: There is one common element that we all share: Æther, our spirit, our light. It's a vital message of Solidarity, of peace. Product Details: 15mm baby medallion on 18" small belcher chain plus 1" extension. A miniature water medallion and a miniature aether medallion is soldered on to the extension. ½ of the necklace is made of fine belcher chain at 18 links per inch, the other ½ of the necklace body is small belcher at 15 links per inch. The 1" extension is our medium belcher link at 9 links per inch. 18 kt gold 0.40 ct diamond, 0.200 ct opal, & 0.650 ct gemstones