Access To A Portable SMS Cloud Gateway
I will offer you 1 Month access to my VSMS Cloud for 5$ (60$/ year), you can send unlimited SMS & develop unrestricted projects or connect it with your Software by means of API. What you can do with VSMS + Your Software Mail to SMS SMS Verification Phone Verification Appointment Reminders Alerts Invite & Good Bye SMS Marketing (NOTE: VSMS USES AN ANDROID PHONE WITH SIM TO SEND SMS). VSMS is bulk SMS, text messaging sender software application for marketing and software integration. It varies from other SMS software application by sending out SMS straight through a wise smart phone. For that reason, no SMS gateway is required for sending SMS. Developed for broadcasting bulk SMS, VSMS has many features you will find useful. It can export and import mobile numbers, Manage multiple mobiles at the same time, Create messages, Mobile numbers and Groups. Features " Cloud Based". " Super API". " Create Multiple Messages". " Contact LIST". " Status on Interface". Mail Merge. and much more. Since SMS is fast & cost efficiency, Send promos, pointers & welcome messages and more by using VSMS. Useful, Experienced, Energetic. Fee 7 day support with every GIG. If you have any issue related to did shipment within a week of work done you can get it fixed free of charge, used only to orders above 10$.