Fleet Ilya Man
Fleet?Ilya is a taboo-breaking accessories label which brings together the skill of classical training with the imagination and artistic vision of its founders.The cult label is headed by Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma, the former, Russian-born with training in traditional saddle-making and Resha Sharma a Central Saint Martins Graphic Design graduate from London.Their creations for both Men and Women are encompassed by three lines: Classic, Concept and Restraint. The classic lines of their bags all draw on a design that evokes high-end craftmanship, undercut with playfulness. Under the influence of these two creative minds and with a spirit of true independence, the label has grown into one of the most celebrated accessories brands created in London and is now available in Australia at Fallow.?? Briefcase ?? ?? ? Dog Collar and Lead with Black Hardware ???? Small Satchel ??? Two Pocket Satchel ??