?Bj?rg Nordli-Mathisen grew up in the north of Norway and began making one-of-a-kind jewellery whilst living in India in 2004. With a background from the arts, she has upheld a nomadic lifestyle, always drifting towards newcorners of the world in search of inspiration.We are extremely excited to present her latest work to you... Anatomic Heart Necklace ? Black Moon Necklace ? Claw Bangle ? ? Claw Double Ring ? ? Claw Knuckle Ring ? Feather and Pen Necklace ? Four Heads Think Better Ring ? ? Gold Bone Necklace ? ? Gold Skull Earrings ? ?? Herkimer Diamond Earrings ?? ? Horse Hair Ring ? I Can Do Anything Necklace Multi Diamond Studs Skull Necklace Spine Cuff Spine Earrings Spine Handpiece Spine Ring Uncut Diamond Studs Unicorn Mane Necklace You and Me Skull Ring? ?