Why Is The Dog's Stool Smelly?
The stools normally pulled by normal dogs are harder and the odor is not particularly heavy. So if you find that the dog's stool suddenly becomes stinky or does not form, then we should pay attention to it, observe the state of the dog recently, and see if it has symptoms of illness. Of course, the cause of the dog's odor is not only related to illness, so we need to know why the dog's stool suddenly becomes stinky. The smell of feces in dogs is related to gastrointestinal health. Many diseases are responsive to the gastrointestinal tract, such as dog mites, trichomoniasis, gastritis and so on. When a dog encounters a disease, its own immune system also plays a role, and there are many diarrhea and fecal odor. Basically, diarrhea is a body defense response in order to expel the body's toxic and harmful substances from the body as soon as possible. When a dog develops diarrhea, it will cause a lot of water shortage. In this case, it is not advisable to continue to feed the general dog food. Instead, it should be supplemented with a large amount of water, or an appropriate amount of glucose can be added to the dog food. Diarrhea is divided into acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. The former is more likely to be enteritis caused by a viral infection. It must be sent to a pet hospital for treatment. It is best to promptly collect the dog's feces and send it to the doctor for an examination to find out the cause and symptomatic treatment. Another problem with the dog's bowel movements is constipation. When the dog's intestines are not working properly, they will be uncomfortable, without spirit, loss of appetite, and fecal odor. At this time, it is necessary to add more water to the pets and add some coarse grains and cereals to the dog food to help them digest. It can be seen that the physical reasons and the reasons for dog feeding can cause the dog's stool to be stinky. If you find that the smell is a fishy odor, then it should attract our attention. Because it is probably caused by a parvovirus. When you find that your dog's stool is stinky, you should pay more attention to it.