RED SQUARE ON A BLACKBOARD a film by Santiago Bertolino and Hugo Samson
Documentary 110 min Québec, Canada, 2013 Language : French with English subtitles Production : Lucie Pageau - Productions Multi-Monde RED SQUARE ON A BLACK BOARD takes us into the heart of the 2012 student crisis to experience from the inside one of the most important social movements in Quebec history. In cinema verité style, the camera stays with the members of the largest student organisation, the CLASSE, as the crisis unfolds. We follow Maxime, Victoria and Justin, as well as the two official spokespersons Gabriel and Jeanne through the dramatic ups and downs of the strike. We have privileged access behind the scenes to experience with them the intense public debate that raged for weeks during the so-called the Maple Leaf Spring (Printemps érable) : executive committee meetings, media strategizing, press conferences, huge student assemblies, debates, votes, street demonstrations, negotiations, demands, as well as the exhaustion, discouragement… and doubts.