nu3 Vegan Protein 3K Shake | Vanilla Blend - 1 Kg Plant Based Protein | Protein Powder Made from 3-Component Protein | with 71% Protein | Lactose- and Sugar Free B0722ZB846 | EYRIS
NATURAL POWER: Vegan 3-component protein made from high-quality pea, hemp and rice protein - no sugar but an incredible amount of 21 g of protein and 106 kcal per serving HIGH PROTEIN: Solid 71 % protein content derived purely from plant-based sources, with a Chemical Score of 137 - completely free of animal ingredients AMINOS & FLAVOR: Vegan vanilla protein shake tastes great - made with natural flavor and sweetened with stevia and sucralose - This plant based 3K protein shake offers on top an excellent and complete amino acid profile NOT JUST FOR VEGANS: It's also a tasty, quality alternative to regular whey - Simply mix 30 g of powder with 300 ml of water in a shaker and it's ready to drink - To update your protein shake you can mix it with almond milk or fruits like banana and strawberries. EXERCISE: Vegan protein shake is great for the fitness studio, during HIT or cross training at the park or running: the practical, reclosable zip bag fits perfectly in your workout bag