I am a forensic investigative journalist. After five years of researching and analyzing Megan's Law, which was passed by Congress in 1996, I present my documentary film about America opening a Pandora's Box through the passage of this law. I present verified documentation of the negative and damaging blow-back of unintended consequences that gives a dimensional approximation of the big picture that this evil law is having on American society, how it has morphed out of control, and how it could overthrow American Democracy and the Constitution-transform America in a police state! There are no conspiracy theories here, only actual-not theoretical facts and documentation that can be verified. This Documentary Film Exposes Exposes:How Megan's Law has become a predatory law by implementing #2 new tiers of offenses to ensnare youths-the unwary onto its registry that have nothing to do with molesting a child or sexual violence -a 4'th tier is being created to ensnare the American public! There are no Statutes of Limitations for the over 100 new offenses added to Megan's Law, which now %80 of the public have committed either in their past or present, film has section to see if you are in the %80. [Will Megan's Law come for you one day?] Exposes: A weird polygraph test where your going to have a sensor inserted into your rectum,- you will then be shown bizarre pictures, that will soon be mandatory for all Americans to take, just as a background check or drug test is now, to determine if they are latent sex offenders, which has a 30% failure rate. A mock test is in the film to see if you will fail it, with countermeasures to avoid and fool it [Only Knowledge Empowerment will determine if you will fail or pass this test?] Exposed: How Megan's Law is being used for blackmail -secretly being used by unscrupulous individuals and groups to get an unsuspecting person through false allegations, trickery on the sex offender registry for money, revenge, and secret agendas. [ Does a Mr.X or someone from your past have you in mind?] Exposes A prototype High-Tech, 24/7, real-time surveillance infrastructure that is being tested on sex offenders that one day all Americans will be in where your life is no longer your secret but to be analyzed-scrutinized for socially-politically incorrect behavior. [Will you one day get the infamous knock on your door at night] Exposes:The Five new Gov't registries that have been engaged; 25 more Gov't registries for socially-politically incorrect behavior are coming,-how all of these new Gov't registries will be using the sex offender registry as their template. This film exposes the slow-motion creep function that all Americans will one day shortly be in a similar sex offender's registry template type of Gov't registry! Exposes How Megan's Law has breached the constitution- thus ushered in the splitting of the America population into two groups of Americans #1 Gov't registered citizens who have been forced out of a constitutional protection control zone under threat of imprisonment into a limited constitutional rights Gov"t registry control zone.- #2 Non Gov't registered citizens/still in the constitutional protection control zone. Exposes: Timeline trajectory of coming- future-current inductions rates of Americans into #1 Gov't registries, documents that by the yr 2035, #2 Non Gov't registered citizens will be a minority in America!-Section on how Adolf Hitler was able to use Gov't registries to overthrow Democratic Germany. [What Gov't registry will you or your off springs be in one day?] Exposes: All of the lies and myths that are used to keep you in constant fear of sex offenders by exposing DOJ statistics stating that sex offenders have a re-offense rate of under 3% and that 95% of all child molestation is committed by someone the child knows and trusts, not by those on the sex offender registry. Exposes: How the politicians use the sex offender are coming after your kids scare card to get re-elected or raise taxes to protect you from a fake, prefabricated sex offender monster. Exposes: The Sex Offender Industrial Complex generates billions of dollars yearly for an Imperial few using fear mongering- scaring you with their fake, prefabricated sex offender monster. Exposes: A new civil rights movement that is about to hit the streets of America to reform or abolish the sex offender registry. Also covering How you can be your own Nostradamus to predict your future"" How the social security number went from "Not for identification purposes" to it now being your De facto ID- the history of Corp- Gov't surveillance in America-- -exposing future High/Tech -Surveillance technology- meet "The Surveillance Industrial Complex" - meet A. D. O. L. F., their new quantum megalosaurus A/I computer that will be monitoring your every move in the future, understanding the sinister motives of Gov't registries-their modus operandi ,and how Megan's Law is an Americanized disguised version of the 1930s German Reich Citizenship law that was used to overthrow a German Constitutional Govt- the historical timeline parallels of Megan's Law with this past 1930s German Reich Citizenship Law- brief history of how IBM supplied-provided computers for surveillance in Nazi Germany- TECHNOISM the surveillance-control of a society by High/Tech explained. "The Nostradamus Big Board of Predictions" A big display board where all of the actual-not theoretical current-past-future data-statistics-graphs-documentation are amassed-assembled, then a timeline trajectory analysis of this amassed-assembled current-past-future data-statistics-graphs-documentation,documents that Megan's Law- it's addendum's law-rapid expansion of other Gov't registries for socially-politically correct behavior, that by the year 2035, over %50 of the American population will be Gov't registered citizens in numerous Gov't control zones-segregated from American Democracy with most of their Constitutional rights suspended -compliance to their Gov't registries being utilized-monitored through TECHNOISM that will be enforced by a totalitarian police state! The timeline trajectory data feed also shows that by 2050 %90 of the American population will be Gov't registered citizens held hostage to TECHNOISM! "A message to those who think I am on drugs-delusional." There is now close to a million Gov't registered citizens in America, this is the population of a state like Alaska-Montana-Wyoming-or put this way,1 in every 375 Americans is a now a Gov't registered citizen who are all now living under "TECHNOISM" with limited, constitutional rights-freedoms-civil liberties- with the Gov't dictating to them where they can live-work-travel-who they can associate with, being monitored-watched for non-compliance by a 24/7 High Tech Surveillance infrastructure with a penalty for non-compliance with their Gov't registry rules-regulations of being sent to prison-subject to the police coming into their homes at any time without a warrant-excluded from the Democratic process. Reality check, we now have the population of one state now living under TECHNOISM- rapidly expanding numbers of Americans becoming Gov't registered citizens, will you one day live under TECHNOISM? The population of one state under TECHNOISM-49 States to go-when will your number be up-you become a Gov't registered citizen-are cast into TECHNOISM?>>>>SEE THE FILM