A WARNING TO AMERICA BY A JEW WHO SURVIVED 1930's GERMANY THIS DOCUMENTARY FILM IS A WARNING TO A FUTURE THAT AWAITS YOU! A $10.000 reward is offered by any one who disprove anything in this documentary film. A documentary film by:Anthony Jones PhD. D forensic Sex Offender Registry Data-Statistics Researcher: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonyjones6/ After 20 years of researching and analyzing Jacob Wetterling Act/Megan's Law/aka Sex Offender Registry/aka S.O.R that was implemented by Congress in the mid 1990's. I AM AGHAST at seeing how Megan's Law/S.O.R which started off as a Tier #1 for real sicko child molesters-has now become a predatory law by going after the youths of America by implementing #2 new Tiers of offenses to ensnare youths that have nothing to do with sexual assault-violence-child molestation a new 4'Th Tier “LATENT SEX OFFENDER” is in the works that will go after the American public at large! HOW DID A LAW IMPLEMENTED TO PROTECT YOUTH THEN GO AFTER YOUTHS? Examples:you can be put on the sex offender registry for Public urination/streaking/mooning/kids playing mommy-daddy/silly horse-play of grab ass-boobs/Sexting/teen consensual sex/ public nudity/incest/giving a minor a playboy magazine/silly teen sexually obscene crank calls/ attempting to marrying an under age minor-even if you did in the past you can be charged-if you're under18-posting nude pictures of your self on social media, you can charged with distribution of child porn of your self! In Arizona you could be charged with child molestation for changing a baby's diaper.- internet voyeurism- having sex on the beach-or in a vehicle- solicitation of a prostitute -or prostitution- now a 4th tier is coming! YOU LAUGH 4'Th TIER? If a drunk urinating in public or children playing mommy-daddy-silly teen horseplay could be put on the S.O.R what makes you think the S.O.R wont come for you? HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REAL SCARY! The S.O.R is now being used as a template to create other Govt Registries for socially-politically incorrect behavior! There are now 10 of them-25 more in the works. THE S.O.R HAS MORPHED OUT OF CONTROL! Looking at the data-documentation of how a law had strayed far from what is it was originally implemented to do, I was clueless as for the reason of the new trajectory of the S.O.R until I was contacted by a MR. Sholmo Goldstein who connected all of the dots for the reason of the trajectory of the S.O.R-how it was on a default trajectory to come for all Americans! WHY THIS DOCUMENTARY WAS MADE AS A WARNING TO AMERICA! This Documentary Film was engaged by Sholmo Goldstein a Jew who survived Nazi Germany who had read my book on the plight of two teens lovers on the sex offender registry-the horror they were experiencing- banishment from society because of being on the S.O.R! WHY THIS DOCUMENTARY WAS MADE? Sholmo ask me to help him give a smoking gun documentary film that could he could present to The German Ambassador in America so he could ask to him to grant political asylum for his great grandson Jason to allowed to immigrate to Germany by documenting Jason, who was on the sex offender registry for having consensual sex with his teen girlfriend was in a time parallel with a Jew in Nazi Germany short of a gas chamber. DOES HISTORY REPEAT IT'S SELF? After the German Ambassador saw this film he cried my GOD I know Sholmo why you had to Flee Nazi Germany to America to get away from an Evil Nazi Law/The Reich Citizenship Law- now your great-grandson has to flee America to Germany to escape from an American Nazi type of Evil Law/S.O.R, Jason was immediately granted political asylum in Germany, as Jason was about to board the German airline Lufthansa jet Sholmo gave him a picture of himself boarding the last Lufthansa flight for Jews out of Nazi Germany as a teen. EVIL LAW TIME PARALLELS Their time line parallels were shocking! Here are few examples/images you will be seeing, Jews had to have J on their pass ports-ID cards-carry a registration card- were restricted from areas of the city-denied housing-jobs-expelled from society, as so does Jason ,you will see all the horrifying 50 more other parallels of Sholmo being registered under The Reich Citizenship Law as a Jew-Jason under Sex Offender Registry the comparison are SHOCKING! HOW THIS DOCUMENTARY WAS MADE? Sholmo sat in front of his computer-I sat next to Sholmo in front of my computer with an internet connection, Sholmo would pull up images from The National Jewish Holocaust Museum images archives that showed Jason was in the many same situations as he was in Nazi Germany, I would then find images-data-info on the Google to correspond-match up Jason's situation with Sholmo's situation in Nazi Germany. Once all the data-documentation was totally amassed on the comparison between Nazi Germany's Reich Citizenship Law that Sholmo was forced to be registered under-Sex Offender Registry that Jason was on, Little did I know as I researched the parallels between The Reich Citizenship Law- Sex Offender Registry my answers of why The S.O.R was expanding to include other infractions as an addendum -being used as a template to create other Govt Registries for socially-politically incorrect behavior were starting to unfold-before me! A CAN OF WORMS WAS OPENED? The Reich Citizenship Law starts out with Jewish bankers- professors-intelligentsia to first have to register- then spreads to all Jews- then other socially-politically incorrect have to register-The Sex Offender Registry is following the same parallel-trajectory! which the documentary will show that both laws have the same agenda! I now present Smoking gun documentation will shown that The Sex Offender Registry is an Americanized version of The Reich Citizenship Law! "The Nostradamus Big Board of Predictions" On "The Nostradamus Big Board of Predictions display board I will display all the actual-current-past-future data-statistics-graphs-documentation similarities between The Reich Citizenship Law -The Sex Offender Registry they will both be amassed-assembled side by side for comparison. THE S.O.R MIGHT BE COMING FOR YOU! There are no Statutes of Limitations for the over 50 new offenses that were added to the Sex Offender Registry/Megan's Law,It is now estimated that %80 of the public have committed 1 of these new added offense -the film has a section to see if you are in the %80.- will Megan's Law/S.O.R come for you or your kids one day? Exposes: the 4'Th Tier in the works that is now being created to ensnare the unsuspecting American public-the unwary into a new Tier registry 'LATENT SEX OFFENDER” which can best be described as George Orwell 1984 thought police, that has nothing to do with molesting a child or sexual violence. The test will soon be mandatory for all Americans to take, just as a background check or drug test is now, to decide if they are latent sex offenders, this test has a 30% failure rate. A mock test is in the film to see if you will fail it, with counter measures to avoid and fool it, only Knowledge Empowerment will decide if you will fail or pass this test, get ready it is coming FOR YOU! WARNING YOU COULD BE BLACKMAILED-OR SHAKEN DOWN OR SET UP! Exposed: How Megan's Law is now being used for blackmail –custody child disputes-secretly being used by unscrupulous people and groups to get an unsuspecting person through false allegations-trickery on the sex offender registry-other Govt registries for money-revenge-and secret agendas. Does a Mr. X or someone from your past have you in mind to use sex laws against you for profit or fun or revenge? will your ex tell your kid to tell the judge you touched her/him? If you're a teacher what will you do if a student tries to blackmail you with give me a passing grades or I will say you touched me/ or put this way what if a Gangster told you to give him $10.000 or this 11 yr old child will say you had touched her/his genitalia/or someone sent you a child porn link to your email? I offer free advise-counseling if you find your self in any of these situations of being charged with a false/railroaded sex crime-or about to enter incarceration because of one, Better to know me- not need me, than to not know me-need me? this documentary film has my personal email address in it. IS A GOVT REGISTRY BEING DESIGNED FOR YOU? Exposes:The 10 new Govt registries that have now been engaged; 25 more Govt registries for socially politically incorrect behavior are coming,how these new Govt registries will be using the sex offender registry as their template. Using Graphs of Sex Offender Registry expansion from 1996 when their was only one person on it which is now fast approaching a millions people on it -rapidly growing,the registration graphs shows that by the year 2035, including other Govt registries which are using the sex offender registry as a template that over %35 of the American population will be Govt registered citizens! Americans will soon be cast into Govt registry control zones-segregated from American Democracy with most of their Constitutional rights suspended due to their Govt registries rules-regulations which will exclude most constitutional rights- being monitored by an AI super computer surveillance infrastructure monitoring their every move on a 24/7/360 basis being enforced by a totalitarian police state! The time line trajectory data graph feed comparing Sex Offender Registry-The Reich Citizenship Law shows that by 2050 over %50 of the American population will be Govt registered citizens being held hostage to an AI super computer surveillance infrastructure which I call TECHNOISM Exposes How Megan's Law/S.O.R has breached the constitution- thus has ushered in the splitting of the American population into two groups of Americans No #1 Govt registered citizens who have been forced out of a constitutional rights protection control zone under threat of imprisonment into a limited constitutional rights Govt registry control zone. No#2-those who are not on a Govt registry are being subject to propaganda by a Govt dived -conquer strategy to demonize those on Govt registries, so that No#2 will hate No#1-thus allowing the Govt to do what is wishes with No#1, with no out cry from No#2, with the Govt end game of a slow-motion creep function to get all Americans one day into a similar sex offender's registry template type of Govt registry that is awaiting them! Exposes: Time-line trajectory of coming-future-current inductions rates of Americans into new Govt registries, documents that by the yr 2050 Non Govt registered Americans will be a minority in America!-Section on how Adolf Hitler was able to use Govt registries to overthrow Democratic Germany. What Govt registry will you or your off springs be in one day? TIME OUT? You laugh at all this? This is already happening in America! There is now close to over a million-rapidly expanding Govt registered citizens in America, this is the entire population of a state like Alaska-Montana-Wyoming-or put this way,1 in every 375 Americans is now a Govt registered citizen who are all now living under "TECHNOISM" With limited-constitutional rights-freedoms-civil liberties,with the Govt dictating to them where they can live-work-travel-who they can associate with,being monitored-watched for non-compliance by a 24/7 High Tech Surveillance infrastructure with a penalty for non-compliance to their Govt registry rules-regulations of being sent to prison-subject to the police coming into their homes at any time without a warrant,thus excluding them from constitutional rights-freedoms-civil liberties! REALITY CHECK The entire population of basically one state is now Govt registered-living under TECHNOISM- only 49 more States to go-when will your number be up-you become a Govt registered citizen-are cast into TECHNOISM? see this documentary-behold your future? Using Govt Registries is how Hitler was able to transform Democratic constitutional Germany into a dictatorship! YOUR LIFE WILL NO LONGER BE YOUR SECRET? This film exposes the working of a prototype High-Tech, 24/7 real-time surveillance infrastructure that is now being tested on sex offenders-others on people on Govt registries that one day all Americans will be in,where your life is no longer your secret, but to be analyzed-scrutinized for socially- politically incorrect behavior- how you be cast into this 24/7 surveillance infrastructure. The Nostradamus big board Exposes how Surveillance through High/Tech of a Population was first used in Nazi Germany-how Nazi Germany used IBM computers for the surveillance first for Jews-soon the entire population. Exposes TECHONISM surveillance of a population through High/Tech,how the social security number went from "Not for identification purposes" to it now being your De facto ID- the history of Corp-Govt surveillance in America exposing future High/Tech Surveillance technology meet "The Surveillance Industrial Complex" - meet 'A. D. O. L. F.” the Govt new quantum Megalosaurus A/I computer now being tested on those on Govt registries that in the near future will be monitoring your every move. FREE $10.000 I present my documentary film about America opening a Pandora's Box through the passage of these laws,Jacob Wetterling Act/Megan's Law/aka Sex Offender Registry/aka S.O.R This documentary film present verified documentation of the negative and damaging blow-back of unintended consequences that gives a dimensional approximation of the big picture that these evil laws are having on American society, how they have morphed out of control, and how they could overthrow American Democracy and the Constitution-transform America into a Totalitarian police state if not stopped! There are no conspiracy theories here only facts and documentation that can be verified. I offer a $10.000 reward to any one who can disprove any thing in this documentary film! “PLEASE TRY TO HELP GET THIS DOCUMENTARY OUT AS A WARNING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ANY WAY YOU CAN” COMMENTS I AM AFRAID THAT WHEN #4 TH TIER HAPPENS- IT WILL ,AS YOU DOCUMENT, IT WILL BE TO LATE-THE AMERICA AS WE KNEW WILL BE LONG GONE! Tyree/DC Anthony Jones YOU BLOW AWAY what Richard Snowden Exposed! Anonymous Industrial light-magic-Steven Spielberg-George Lucas-all of Hollywood couldn't make a movie about this documentary!Helmut/Berlin Germany Who will download this film? Sadly Mr Jones your audience is very limited to an endangered species of Americans who are not Sheeple-not programmed into running away from socially politically incorrect info, but view out of the mainstream info as prey, for they are Knowledge Predators pouncing on socially politically incorrect info that the mainstream news media avoids. Let us hope that enough Knowledge Predators gets this info take action to stop it-help save the Sheeple from the Orwellian 1984 brave new world of Technoism you did a fabulous job of documenting that is coming for every one by hiding behind the sex offender registry-other Govt registries. To the person looking at this screen are you fearful of beholding your future now that it is in front of you? Your next click of your mouse will tell you If you are a Sheeple or a Knowledge Predator Art Bell/The Truth is Out There. Not a knowledge predator? Think this is all BS? feeling lucky? for the price of a Coke- see the film for a shot at $10.000 to disprove anything in this documentary?