The Round Of Archangels
A COMPLETE ONE–YEAR TRAINING TO UNITE WITH THE ANGELS AND FORM YOUR BODY OF LIGHTFrom time immemorial, the Essenes have been known for their knowledge of the Angels and the Archangels. Their pure and genuine contact is the source of all their knowledge. The Round of Archangels allows each one to benefit from this know–how entirely adapted to modern life. It is also an introduction to longer training programmes, especially in Essene Therapy.The Essene year is a circle, punctuated with four major celebrations.To enter the Round of Archangels, all you have to do is unite with the Angel of your choice during one of the celebrations.Between these big rendezvous, three months of very simple individual practice enabling one to study the Essene wisdom, and get closer to one’s Angel.It takes place once in the morning, and once in the evening. It takes just a few minutes, and can be done by all, very simply.After lighting a candle, a sacred movement allows to harmonize one’s energies with one’s Angel. In his presence, the word of the Archangels is read to connect oneself to one’s Divine force. One can thus find strength and serenity daily, and in addition benefit from all the Angelic energies worked by the Essenes.In daily life, the Round of Archangels is a moment of privileged reconnection that soon becomes indispensable to refocus. The Angel of the Round of Archangels is a protection and a help. His energy also allows to understand the meaning of one’s life, the mission of one’s soul. In a path of personal evolution, it is an extraordinary force to harmonize, transform, heal, and go beyond all our limits. It is an open door to another reality that makes life more beautiful.The Round of Archangels is an experience, a practical path of discoveries and happiness. It allows each one to enter into contact with a world of purity, wisdom and love. It is an experience that is unique in the world, a great human adventure in which sharing, friendship, trust, hope, meeting, respect, discovery find their whole meaning. Such an opportunity is not to be missed! THIS IS WHAT PARTICIPANTS HAVE TO SAY:This four–day celebration is truly unique. The exchange of energy with an Angel is extremely powerful and solves all the problems of existence, as a lady participant says: