The prophecies of Humanae Vitae
(movie with English subtitled) The encyclical Humanae Vitae warned half a century ago of the extraordinary consequences of contraception worldwide. It would boost conjugal infidelity, the general degradation of morality and the loss of respect for women ... and it would also become a dangerous weapon in the hands of public authorities. Have these forecasts been met? In this documentary several international experts depict with strong colors what is happening in a society that did not listen to the warnings of Pope Paul VI. The documentary highlights a little-known contribution of this prophetical encyclical: that there is a better alternative to the pill... Time and research have proven that the natural family planning methods are effective, free from health risks, and full benefits for the family. List of all the movies, series and documentaries to watch Online or Download: https://www.encristiano.com/en/blog/movies-and-documentaries-to-watch-online-or-download-b162.html