THE ECA(SA)'S MANDATE TO ITS MEMBERS From Stephen Khola, ECA(SA) National Labour Relations & HR Director: When considering the role of an employers' organisation in general, and what the ECA(SA) does for its members, in particular, we need to remember that the purpose of the Labour Relations Act, 95, (LRA) as amended, is to advance economic development, social justice, labour peace and the democratisation of the workplace by fulfilling the following objectives: Providing a framework within which employees and their trade unions, employers and employers' organisations can - Collectively bargain to determine wages, terms and conditions of employment and other matters of mutual interest; and Formulate industrial policy. In order to give effect to the above objects, employers have the right to organise (freedom of association) in terms of section 6 of the LRA which provides that every employer has the right to participate in forming an employers' organisation or a federation of