Free webinar – The Pitfalls of Tendering | ECASA
JOIN THE ECA (SA) ON TUESDAY, 25 APRIL 2017 AT 16:00 FOR OUR FIRST CONTRACTUAL WEBINAR! The ECA (SA) will present 'The Pitfalls of Tendering' in a live webinar, information and training session presented by Herman Kriel, managing director of Brand Engineering SA. The Pitfalls of Tendering is a workshop that highlights the crucial aspects to be considered by a subcontractor during the tender stage. There are general principles that are sometimes overlooked when tendering or entering into a contract and this webinar will give insight and guide delegates through the tendering process. Date: 25 April 2017 Time: 16:00 Cost: Free Presenter: Herman Kriel, MD of Brand Engineering SA How to join the webinar You need an internet connection and e-mail address Open the electronic invitation link below and register today. Scroll down, right click on the images and 'download pictures'. Click on 'Click here to register'. Then click on 'Register' and create an account and click on 'Register' (there