The Big Look; Painting the Visual Impression with Jeffrey T. Larson
Jeffrey T. Larson's long awaited, premiere instructional video "The Big Look; Painting The Visual Impression" covers the essential aspects to seeing nature. In this video the artist shares with us his perspective on picture making. With over 20 solo exhibitions and 750 paintings in private collections, this is a rare opportunity to study with a contemporary master of his craft. Larson comes from a long tradition of painters dating back to Jaques Louis David. He starting his training at a young age in the ateliers of Richard Lack, a well known and respected master of painting during the 20th century. Jeffrey has always been inspired by the seeing the "big look" and understanding the context and limitations of the medium of oil paint. "The white paint is the brightest you can go and black is the darkest, you as an artist have to figure out how everything fits together like a puzzle. Each piece of information functions as a whole to give the larger impression of how we see the world around us." Larson confidently shows you his ability to establish the most brilliant color effect at the onset of the painting, from there he calibrates all of the supporting elements to define the painting. Influenced by Sorolla, the artist has a bravura of brushwork that is bold and unmatched. This video is a unique chance to see how a successful artist approaches the canvas with confidence and Larson doesn't hold back in sharing his secrets while doing so. This tutorial was recorded in natural light over two days at The Great Lakes Acadmey of Fine Art in Duluth, MN.