Energy Beyond Breath
Energy is the life force within and around us. When we freedive we clearly have a limited supply of energy, as we are on breath hold, and once the oxygen supply is used up, so our time under the water comes to an end. In yoga we call energy prana, and in this package I hope to not only expand your understanding of prana versus Prana (the breath versus the life force), but through exercises and meditations, to enable you to connect and actually use the deeper, more powerful source of Prana throughout your dives. You may have experienced the difference between diving on prana and diving on Prana - the one may feel tough, limited and stressful; the other is pure bliss, it is where you surface from your deepest ever dive with a huge smile on your face and know that you could have gone much, much deeper. You accessed a deeper source of energy inside of you, letting go of your mental constructs of limitations and dived through your spirit, which is infinite. Videos contained in this course: - Pranayama: Nadi Cleansing U-Breath - 19 mins - Guided Visualisation: Yoga Nidra - 40 mins - Meditation: Connect with the Source of Infinite Energy - 16 mins - Kriya: Creating and Conserving Pranic Energy - 52 mins - Meditation: Long Ek Ong Kar - 23 mins Total time: over two and a half hours MORE ABOUT THIS COURSE - Five videos and over two and a half hours of targeted ENERGY BEYOND BREATH training - A further two and a half hours of tips and technique training in 22 "How to..." videos - Video streaming on any mobile device - Audio downloads of the lectures and visualisations to take with you wherever you want - Step by step six week programme to ensure you get the best out of your ENERGY BEYOND BREATH experience - Lifetime access to all videos and online content WHY IS ENERGY BEYOND BREATH IMPORTANT? ENERGY BEYOND BREATH is the course that takes you beyond the confines of the limitations of your mind and into the realms of infinite possibility. As part of creation, each one of us has the possibility and potential to tap into the infinite energy of the cosmos - when we believe, understand and act as One, we have access to all that Is. Freediving is an expression of this expansion, when we let go of our mental limitations, we experience ourselves on a much greater, deeper level. PREMIUM clients will receive a personal online consultation and three one to one sessions with Sara.