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我們一直嘗試運用不同的物料去創作,今次就大膽採用透明物料來製成一系列新水槍模型。水槍本體可以容許MDD及DD手握,本體上的配件可以跟其他顏色的互換裝配,各位可以自由配出心目中的顏色。 We always try to use different materials to create new product. This times we used many translucent materials to make this water gun miniatures "Water Gun - ZipFire". It designed to fit for MDD/DD hands. A parts on top on the main body that can be interchanged with other colors. *本產品為娃用尺寸之成品模型,並非真人使用。 *This product is designed for doll use. *此為預定產品,請查閱下方的預計出貨日期。如有現貨,可能會提前發貨。 *Made-to-order item. If stock is available, we can probably advance the shipping date.