WARNING: INCLUDES CONTENT THAT CAN TRIGGER EPILEPSY, EYE STRAIN. ECT. Starring: Matt Katz Bohen (member of international hit band Blondie) Lloyd Kaufman and Robert Prichard (The Toxic Avenger) and Steve Grillo (Howard Stern Show), and introducing the gorgeous Blessing C.S.! A father reads a story to a young girl about a rebellious young girl named Blessing who lives in a dreary, black and white version of New York with her religious fanatic mother. After trying an experimental new drug given to her by the mysterious "Cultural Olympiad" she finds herself in a vivid, colorful fantasy world - but with one catch. As she and her friends enter the hallucinations, they begin to drop off, one by one. Is it the drug killing them - or is there something more sinister at play? As the dark force causing these fatal mishaps begins to manifest itself into a living being, Blessing's mission becomes stopping it - or him - at all costs. Meanwhile, a man named Bug Lord, who controls the flow of the drug into Blessing's world suffers for all of her sins. With music by JOHN S. HALL (of King Missile) THE VOLUPTOUS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK, internet sensation THEYCALLMEPIANO, and more!