Highspeed Flamingo
DISCK VIDEO presents the most outlandish, hilarious action cult movie sensation since MIAMI CONNECTION. Written, directed by and starring Brett Strong, this one is not to miss! James Carr (BRETT STRONG) is a hot shot movie producer. His girlfriend Shandi (LISA VIGNEAU) is a hot commodity. A romantic getaway, with plans of making her a star, goes awry when Shandi is kidnapped and forced into an underground adult film company called HIGHSPEED FLAMINGO, run by the eccentric Purple Hat Tom (Comedian ALEX DEWITT) and his bumbling partner Bobby Lagoon (MICHAL "BEARD" KOSTECKI). Now with the assisstance of a lazy bartender (former WWE Referee JIMMY KORDERAS) and sexy secret agent and rock star Genevieve Anastasio (NADINE FEARON), it's life or death for James to save the day and get the girl in this lightning-paced action comedy!