Ride the Spanish Pyrenees - Route Preview & Training Guide (Quebrantahuesos Sportive)
What was that saying? “It always looks easy on television” Well the truth couldn’t be further this time as you join Michael Cotty and the Cyclefilm team on their scouting trip across the Spanish and French Pyrenees. Fierce headwinds, torrential downpours, brain numbing snow storms and the ever present bearded vulcher circling above make this anything but an ‘easy ride’. What ensues is a war of attrition to make it to the finish before sunset, whilst Cotty provides a detailed analysis on how to conquer the bone crushing Quebrantahuesos. 3,500 meters of climbing including the Col du Somport, Marie Blanque and Portalet ensure that this 205km route keeps even the most competitive rider entertained for the day (and maybe even the night!) This package includes the 40min Cycling Survival Guide.