Coming Home (Beind the Scenes)
THIS IS THE SPECIAL FEATURES ONLY Watch the BEHIND THE SCENES, make comments online, and talk to the Filmmaker directly! BUY THE FULL MOVIE HERE (behind the scenes included): SYNOPSIS John is a hard working man that has focused more on his career than his family. During a devastating event that leads him back to his old town, he will come face to face with his own father's life, his mother's love, and his wife's faith. While his children are growing up without him, he has to make a decision that will change his family forever. CONTENT THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE - Behind the Scene (20 PLUS Videos!!!) - Talk to Layne McDonald personally, through the comments, or through the FORUMS page in the Coming Home section A unique experience with full access to the director to ask questions and more. It is a social event, on the Culture Of Life TV Network!