Prime MG2 2015,16(Lvl 2),17(Lvl 2),18,19 Medals, Bloodhound, Hydra Coin, Pick'Em Trophy 2018 & Loyalty Badge | CSGOSMURFNATION
The account is equipped with the following features: Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128146171/ Ranked: Yes CS: GO Rank: Master Guardian 2 (MG2) Prime enabled: Yes CS:GO Prime Status Upgraded Wins: 822 Private Rank: 1 Medals: 2015,2016(Level 2),2017(Level 2),2018,2019 Service Medals Trophy: Bronze London 2018 Pick’Em Trophy Coins: Diamond Operation Hydra Coin, Operation Bloodhound Challenge Coin Badges: [...]