"SPAIN AGAINST THE CURRENT" AT 2016 / 42 min. / Spanish with English/German Subtitles
There is a lot going on in Spain right now: The economy is recovering slowly, the political landscape is changing and new forces like Ciudadanos and Podemos are gaining strength. However, after the general elections in December 2015 there is still no agreement to form a new government and most problems that have come up during the economic and financial crisis are still affecting the majority of the population. Even though consequences like unemployment, evictions, lower wages etc. cause difficult situations, a crisis such as in Spain is also a special moment of reflection. People who under normal circumstances wouldn´t change their habits and behaviour, suddenly begin to break new ground. It is difficult to put in numbers what they achieve but one thing is certainly true, after the protests and demonstrations, there is a lot of people showing us alternatives in different areas like finances, politics, basic services and nutrition, communication and trade. Despite all the challenges they believe that change is possible from the bottom.