A New View of Systemic Medicine and Addiction with Ali Mezey
Ali Mezey filmed Stephan Hausner's (one of the original constellators) process of Systemic Medicine, constellations and facilitating. The result is 5 films now available. As a therapist in her own right, Ali talks about her journey, insights, learnings and systemic constellations with illness. Ali will discuss: How are more abstract elements used in systemic medicine constellation? Homeopathic Constellations vs Family Constellations What is the role of the facilitator in systemic medicine? Discover what Ali learned as a facilitator from her experiences of filming with Stephan Hausner and how the experience grew Ali as a bodyworker What similarities are there to working with addiction and working with illness? Ways to rethink illness based on Constellation work. How do we get more examples out there on film so that people who are learning have access to more diverse models? and much more