Ready for Gravel? Reviewing the Wilier Triestina JENA : Ben Blackshaw
I was genuinely excited to recently test the Wilier-Triestina’s 2019 Jena Gravel bike. Off road riding is always thrilling, but this Company Wilier Triestina has a special place in Italian Cycling history. Back in 2017 I similarly found myself in luck and asked to test ride Wilier's pre-launched Cento10 amongst the beautiful Dolomites. At the time Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy was my base. I'd just completed the Lavaredo Ultramarathon and, within 24 hours, piggy backed on an invite by Wilier to celebrate their 110 year Anniversary as Bicycle Manufacturers. So here I am again with the opportunity to test a Wilier. But this time its off road, and this time its in a thoroughly Australian context ... Having ridden Road, CX and MTB, gravel's a new genre to me. But the required bike skills are familiar. As you read this the Jena has been tested on every varying terrain. Jena and I started on the rockier undulating Blue Mountains Oaks Trail. The following week the bike was taken over the harsher corrugated surfaces on Kings Tableland Rd. Then we proceeded to escape the City and hit the gravel through the Colo region. Lastly the sandy variables in Watagans National Park, Laguna, gave the chance to experience a solid feel for the Jena and a new love for the art of riding gravel … Gravel is an utter escape from Suburbia Regarding Jena and tech talk, there's already plenty to read. You can find great spec details on Wilier Triestina site, or a more indepth profile on Gravel Cyclist. But I want to explain the excitement, the comfort, and the security this bike gave me. Firstly, the bike was set up standard, fresh from the box, unaltered. The bike supplied was an L, perfect for my height of 183cm. It runs SRAM Rival. The bars are a good fit at 42cm, and the Italian San Marco