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[IMPORTANT] -19 DAYS UNTILL CLOSURE The law requires us to end our Founders campaign before launching the STO. So ONLY until August 31, 2019 you can become one of the Founders of Cam.TV and have the benefits from today and for your future. Cam.TV is free and will be free forever but only Founders participate in the earnings. After August 31st, in fact, we will be able to distribute only subscriptions, of great value of course, but it will not be the same... WHAT IS THE REASON FOR ALL OF THIS? Only by complying with this request and closing the positions, will we be able to create the Security Token of Cam.TV, that is the financial product that will allow us to climb to the top and finally become a leading global reality. WHAT ARE THE VANTAGES FOR FOUNDERS? The benefits for Founders are huge, to give you a simple example, it's like Zuckerberg asked you to become his partner when Facebook was still an university reality. WHAT TO do? If you're not a Founder, become one immediately. If you're already a Founder (and if you can) upgrade to the next position. Explains this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to all the people who have signed up thanks to you and your friends. THE WORLD IS CHANGING