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Published: 11/01/2018 Channel: Universe Kings Tags: How to earn 5$ 10$ daily from 2captcha easy way to earn money, 2captcha, Earm money from 2captcha, How to earn money from 2captcha, how to withdraw money from 2captcha, easy way to earn money, online job, earn money solving captcha, universe technical kings, universekings, earn money online, homebased online job Duration: 12:35 Views: 1817 Likes: 41 Dislikes: 4 Comments: 1 2Captcha Review & Tutorial The site 2Captcha is easy to use for both buyers and sellers. The site is easy to use and is an automated captcha recognition service. For those that do not know what captchas are, they are images or distorted text in order to confirm that a human is using the site and not a robot. A person has to enter the text or the images they see in the box below the captcha. This works in real time. Customers can know that their website is safe and only being accessed by humans and not bots. Workers can earn a lot of money when they recognize captcha. This allows for additional internet security and safety when online. How 2Captcha Works With the increasing intelligence of bots it is important to tell if a person is accessing a website or if a machine is doing so. There are workers that are looking to solve the captchas and customers that want to make sure the captchas are working properly. The process is rather simple and there are several steps to follow. - Workers will request a captcha. If there is no a captcha available at the moment the worker will be placed on the waiting queue and will get the captcha once it becomes available. - Customers will upload the captcha to the site so it can be evaluated by the works. - Each captcha is given a specific ID and this ID is then sent right to the customers. - The captcha is assigned to a worker to review. - Once the worker has been assigned the captcha they will solve it right away. The answers are sent right to the service at captcha. - The answers are kept in a database. Once the answers are stored in the database payment will be issues to the account of the worker that solved the captcha. - The customer is then able to get the answer by the ID of the captcha. The answers will be returned to them. - If the captcha is answers incorrectly the captcha is then set to another worker. This worker will have a higher rating on the site. It is then up to the worker to determine if the original answer was correct or not. For Customers This site can recognize any captcha and there are a number of online workers that can process up to 10,000 captchas per minute. This is extremely fast and fast paced. The workers will make sure that all of the captchas are loading smoothly and they are valid. These prices are both fair and reasonable on this site. They offer a person to get many captcha codes solve for a small amount of money. A person can set up their customer account with as little as $1 in it. Services that are Offered The site 2captcha offers many different services for their customers. All of the captchas that are sent to this service will be reviewed by humans. There is not artificial intelligence that is used to try to solve the captcha. Each and every one is read by a real human. All of the services are fully automated as well making it easy for customers. All they need to go is upload their captcha and that is it. Once the software is configured with this system which only takes a couple of minutes to do the hard part is over. The only time a customer will need to return to the website is to add to their balance. There is an easy to watch and comprehensive video that new customers can watch as well. This video goes over the services that are offered as well as basic use. If a customer still has a question they can contact a team member and get an answer right away. The Process The process for the customer is very easy. They need to upload their captcha on the website and after this point they can sit back and relax. Once the captcha is uploaded it will be assigned a unique ID. The ID will be stored in the system as well as sent to the customer. The customer is the only one that will have the user ID. They will receive a new idea for each and every captcha that they upload into this system. Once the users ID is assigned the captcha will be available for workers to solve. The worker will then solve the captcha and the answer will be sent back to the server on the 2captcha system. This will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Once the process has been complete the customer will use the ID to log back into the system and to get their answer. If the captcha was answered incorrectly they do not have to worry. The captcha will be assigned to another worker that has a high rating for their correctness. This worker will then examine the captcha and will determine what the correct answer is. Features of this Service There are many different forms of per captcha verifications and this system is able to work with many different types. The captcha can be scrambled or blurry but it should still be able to be read by humans. The letters can be upper case or lower case. Numbers can also be used. The more difficult the combination is to guess the safer the per captcha is. The number and the letters can even be blurry. A person can also use a picture per captcha. This is where a person will be shown a picture where a user can to click on certain details. This is then verified. While texts are very popular it seems that many sites are starting to use the pictures so it is important that a customer get comfortable using both forms. This will lead to additional security on their website and make sure only humans are accessing it. Pricing There are different prices for the captcha. Some of the rates can start as low as $.0005 per captcha. There will be different rates based on the captcha and the price will vary based on their difficulty level. The price is going to vary based on how complicated it is and how much effort is going to be needed in order to save it. Normal Captcha Rates Rates for normal captchas will vary. They can be as low as $0.5 to $1 per 1,000. Normal captcha are where a person needs to type in a text that appears. The text can be lower case, upper case, or a mixture of numbers and letter. If it takes a while to load this can also affect the price. If the image is larger this may also cause the price to increase if the captcha is larger than 400px. There are some discounts on the price that customer can enjoy if they use this site often. A customer can start their account off with $1 and this money will go far for them. They can get up to 1,000 captchas for this price. The rates will not change based on how many captcha are used daily. A customer can send a couple per month or they can send hundreds of thousands a month. If a client spends more than $2,000 a day they should email the team. This way they will be eligible to receive a special discount for spending this large amount of money. Security Security is taken very seriously on this site. Customers care about security and internet safety because they are using the captcha codes on their sites. A unique id is assigned to every customer to access their answer in the database. The customer is the only one that is able to receive this ID so no one else can have access to the captcha or the answer. Error Handling While the workers are trained from time to time errors do happen. It is important to take the some steps when handling an error to not get charged for it or to have the service to the account interrupted. If a person feels that an error has been made to their account they need to fill out a service ticket right away. This ticket will then be reviewed by staff and another worker will be assigned to take a look at the captcha. From time to time customers may enter the captcha incorrectly as well. When this happens there will be a code that will be sent to them allowing the customer to know there is a problem. A customer will also get a message if they have run out of money in their account. If the captcha is not solved in a specific period of time the customer will get a notice as well. Most issues are often addressed and solved within 10 minutes. The support team wants to make sure the customers are happy so they handle any and all issues as soon as possible. Pingbacks When the captcha is solved the customer will get a pingback or an automated callback to let them know that their answer is ready. To get the callback a url has to be provided. The customer can choose to turn off this feature if they wish and they can check the website when they are ready to. There are different ways to manage the pingback. If a person is requesting a large number of captcha solved they may want to adjust the settings of the pingback. Sandbox Mode This mode will allow the customer to see and solve their own captcha. This can be turned on by adjusting the settings in the account. The platform on 2captcha is still used only the customer will get a chance to figure out their own work. They are still going to be charged for this. When this mode is enabled workers will not be able to access the captcha until it is turned off. The captcha will only be visible on the software program that is being used to take a closer look at it. Codes and Other Information If a customer has questions they can submit a service ticket at any time. This ticket will allow a team member to review the issues and fix it as soon as possible. There is also online support for simple issues. The website 2captcha has a number of solutions and codes. If a customer is getting an error message and there is a code attached to it they can go to the website. Here they will be able to find the meaning of the code. In most cases there is something simple the code will tell the user the exact meaning and they will be able to fix the problem in no time at all. For the Workers For those looking for online employment 2captcha is great way to get started in the online work environment. While a person is not going to make a fortune right away and will not get full time hours it is a great and easy way to supplement income. This job can be done from home and anywhere that has internet connection. This will allow a person to earn money when they have free time and when the time is good for them. Job Description This job is simple to perform and will help a person get used to working online. The only special thing needed to perform this job is a computer with typing features and connection to the internet. There are some people that choose to work from their tablet. There are many captcha images that cannot be recognized and customers are willing to pay others to see if they can determine what these images are. Customers will send in the work to the website and when the working is looking to make some extra money they will log on and wait for the captchas to come to them. The only thing that the worker is responsible for is entering the correct text based on the captcha or selecting the correct images based on what is being asked. For every captcha that the worker answers correctly they will get paid. Basic Eligibility Requirements While just about anyone can work for 2captcha there are some basic things that a person must follow. They should have basic typing skills and know how to access the internet without a problem. A person must be at least 18 years old when they are working for this company. They must complete the entire registration process which does require them to add some basic information such as their full legal name. A person needs to provide accurate and true contact information. They may do not anything to violate any laws or they may not do anything illegal when using this website or anything that violates the terms of the site. How to Start Starting to work for 2Captcha online is easy. All a potential worker has to do is sign up for an account. The account is free and this is how a worker will get credit for their captcha. Once the account is created then the worker will click on the Start Work button. Training will take around 5 to 10 minutes. After watching the comprehensive videos a person can begin to solve the captchas and earn money while they are going so. 2Captcha Earnings This is a great way for a person to make some extra money online. Before signing up to work for this site it should be noted that this will not replace a full time job. There is not a lot of money to be made. Rather than sitting around a person can make something in their free time. This site is a good way to get used to the requirements of working online and give a person some online work experience. This site will allow a worker to work as much or as little as they want. The site is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows the worker to work whenever they have some free time even if it is early in the morning or late in the evening. There is no required amount of time that a person must spend on this site working. A person can work a couple of minutes a week if they are very busy or if they have some free time they can spend a couple of hours working. It is up to them. The site does not force workers to work a minimum or maximum amount of hours. This allows a person freedom to choose to work when they want to. The only thing with this site is that there is little money to be made. A person will make around $0.5 for one to two hours of work depending on how fast they are and how many captchas they are able to correctly answer. This is not a lot of money but it is better than sitting around. Every little bit of money helps. There are many different payout methods which makes it easy for the worker to get paid. They can select the method that is right for them. There is a minimum payout requirement of $.0,5. There is no fee to collect a payout. A person will not be charged to get their earnings now matter what payout method they select. They get to keep everything that they earn from this site. Both Workers and Customers Both the workers and the customers of the site will need to have a users account. When a person signs up they will be able to pick their user name and they will get to pick a password of their choice. Both the workers and the customers are responsible for keeping their passwords safe. The site will take additional security measures to prevent unauthorized users so a person can know that their information is safe. Closing Accounts Both a worker or a customer can choose to close down their account at any time. If no one logs into the account for a period of 12 months than the site will see the account as inactive. The account will then be deleted. If a person is going to be away for an extended period of time they need to let a staff member know so the account will remain active status. What 2captcha Promises This site will help customers and workers stay protected. They will not share the user Id without anyone or even another company. They will not sell information which means a person will not be contacted by unwanted third parties. They will not charge for any services that are not used. The money will stay in the user account until a customer is ready to use the captcha services. This site will follow all laws and regulation. Use When a worker or a customer wants to use this site all they need to do is click the sign in button. Here they will be asked to enter their user name as well as their password. This will help keep the account safe and protected. If a person forgets their password they can click on the recover password feature and will be then promoted to follow the steps to get their password sent to them or reset their password. Registration for this site is free. A review of 2captcha shows that this is a great site for both customers and for workers. The workers will be able to work on their own schedule. They can have access to the site any time of the day or the night. This is a great way to become familiar with online jobs and a great way for a person to get some experience. The extra money to supplement an income will be nice as well. Customers will be charged low rates for the captcha services that they need. They can have their code solved within a matter of minutes. This site will help make sure that the captcha codes are valid and that real humans will be able to solve them to keep the website safe and protected.