Yoga For 100% Complete Beginners: Yoga Fundamentals For All Shapes and Sizes
Have you tried beginner yoga videos in the past and felt COMPLETELY LOST?! Or screamed, "My body doesn't DO that!" It's not you! The majority of "beginner" yoga videos aren't designed for total newbies who've never set foot on a yoga mat. This unique series, compiled from 5 years of feedback from over 100,000 beginner students, has been designed by Brett to make yoga accessible to people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their age, flexibility or athletic ability. *Designed for Real People with ZERO Yoga Experience* - See each yoga pose broken down and explained before every class (LEARN before you DO) - Features real students who've never done yoga before, just like YOU! - Walk away understanding the breath, alignment and names of yoga's basic postures *SIX 30-MINUTE AT-HOME PRACTICES* Pure Beginner 1: Introduction to Yogic Breathing & Basic Poses In this practice, learn how to properly breathe in yoga. See and practice many of yoga’s fundamental poses. Walk away with a solid understanding of Child’s Pose, Cat/Cow, Downward-Facing Dog, and Low Lunge. Pure Beginner 2: Seated Poses & Hip Openers Review the poses and principles we learned in Day 1, then enjoy some delicious hip stretches sitting and reclining on the floor. Hate sitting on the ground? No problem! We cover how you can modify these postures so they’re comfortable for you, no matter what your body-type. Once we understand how to sit, stretch your hips in Butterfly and Ankle- Ankle-to-Knee pose. End with a super relaxing Supine Twist. Pure Beginner 3: Surya Namaskar & Standing Poses Connect with your breath and warm up the body flowing through postures we’ve already covered together. Then, learn the most famous series of yoga poses - Surya Namaskar, “Salute to the Sun.” Together we break down all the components parts of this sequence so you can practice Surya Namaskar safely: your half lift, forward fold, and plank position. Next, learn new standing poses like High Lunge and Warrior Two. This class is heating, dynamic and fun! Pure Beginner 4: Twists, Warrior I and Standing Balances Warm up your spine with a delicious, easy twist. Invigorate the whole body by reviewing our Surya Namaskar, “Salute to the Sun.” Practice High Lunge, this time evolving it into Warrior One, one of the trickier postures in yoga. We end with a standing balancing pose, Tree. Finally, we melt into the floor for a relaxing forward fold to stretch our hamstrings and low back. Enjoy this peaceful class! Pure Beginner 5: Core Work, Shoulder Opening & Backbends Explore a juicy hamstring stretch in your Downward-Facing Dog before strengthening your shoulders and core in a Plank Pose. Learn how to safely perform a Modified Chaturanga (Yogic Push-Up), as well as a backbend, Baby Cobra. Stretch your inner groin and hips in Lizard Pose, then activate the core again in Forearm Plank. We end with feel good stretches for the quads, hips and inner groin like Happy Baby and Goddess Pose. This class also includes a special strengthening series for your low back. Leave class with your abs turned on and your heart open! Pure Beginner 6: Dynamic Flow Start strong, standing at the top of the mat and flowing through Surya Namaskar – “Salute to the Sun.” Pull together all poses we’ve explored so far into one dynamic practice while learning more standing postures, like Warrior II and Triangle Pose. End on the floor in Bridge, a heart opener and backbend, before relaxing fully in Savasana. Enjoy this well-rounded, peaceful practice. Namaste!