Yeap she did it again. I told you, once I love doing something I get hooked and I just cannot stop! So, for the second time in a few weeks, I took my tunes to the beach after dark and shot some Astro pictures… Or at least I have attempted to take some. Underneath are the pictures and what I did differently than my first time and whether it has made a difference. Of course, feel free to let me know in the comments below, what you think of these pictures and if you have any tips or tricks for me. Would love to know. If you have seen my previous post on chasing the stars, then you can see that I have improved somewhat! YAY! I had the following setting on my DSLR camera: Setting | Manual: this is the easiest setting for shooting astro/night photography as you can change the internal settings a lot more than on any other! Trust me on this, just do it 😛 Aperture | F5.6: As I wasn’t only taking pictures of just the stars but also the landscape, this was the best setting that worked for me on this night. ISO – 400 | You generally want to keep your Iso as low as you can as this affects the noise(grain/pixelation) of the image – try playing with your shutter speed and aperture before relying on this setting too much… I already went a bit higher than intended but I was pretty happy with how the images turned out. Even though I have a Canon camera, I do not have the right equipment to get those million stars or Milkyway photos (hopefully one day) A lens cost around the $1000- and I am not made from gold. Because of that, the camera does not pick up all the stars. So I find pictures with something in it, more interesting. So I aimed to get some trees in the frame, to give the picture more content. It was a clear sky with not a cloud in sight on an absolutely stunning night. Throughout the session, I did play around with mainly the shutter time to see if there was any difference. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. PLANNING TO GO TO AUSTRALIA? THEN CHECK OUT SOME MORE TRAVEL TIPS HERE: Sydney city guide Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk Spit Bridge to Manly Coastal Walk Sydney by night mini guide to Bondi beach Wandering the street of Sydney during sunset Melbourne City Guide Great Ocean Road Perth City Guide Canberra Like this post then check out my first post on stargazing here. LOVE IT? PIN IT… Thank You Guys For Reading