I know I have been posting a lot about Bondi and Bondi Beach lately, and I apologize for that. This will be my last post on Bondi Beach this year. I promise. I just really wanted to share some more photos of this pretty cool beach suburb. I went through my photos today and I found so many cool ones, at least in my humble opinion, that I decided I want to share them with you. I know, I am so sweet! From the beach, sunsets, Iceberg club, and surfers, underneath you will find it all. BONDI BEACH Ray O’Keefe Reserve is located at the point of Northen Bondi. From there you have a pretty groofy view of Bondi as well as full ocean view. SUNSET AT BONDI SURFS UP THE ICEBERGS CLUB One of the most photogenic places at Bondi. The icebergs club. I went there twice to snap some pictures, once during the day and once at sunset. Stunning both times. TAMARAMA BEACH Next door neighbor doesn’t look too shabby either. It is a lot quieter, so if you feel that Bondi is just too busy, then wander along the coast to Tamarama for a bit more peace and quiet. I have some amazing pictures of this place, but because I shot them in raw and my camera decided to delete the CR1 … I can’t use them. So this is the only one that I got. I am so annoyed …. Sorry guys.