That's What I'm Talking About Audio Special
High Quality MP3's of the entire special. Tracklisting below, video not included. 1.Opening Disclaimer 2.Fistbumping 3.I'm Talkin' To You, Son 4.Meeting J-Bone 5.Women And Dogs I Used To Know 6.Easier Below The Belt 7.Titanic 3D 8.My Dad 9.My Mom 10.Tourettes Guy 11.AFV Vs. AFHV 12.Diarrhea Can Save Your Life 13.Yet Another Man's Take On Colonoscopy 14.The Donkey On Full House 15.John Stamos And The 8 X 10 16."I'm Over You" 17."When I Think Of You" 18."The Girl From The Driftwood Nursing Home" 19."Butt Plug Made Of Leather" 20."The Biggest Wiener"