How Bloomeffects went from a seed of an idea to a full line of skincare. DEEP BEAUTY ROOTS Bloomeffects founder Kim Jensen had a flourishing career in beauty. As the Head of Marketing & Sales for personal healthcare leader PZ Cussons in New York City, she developed a true expertise for launching global beauty brands. That eventually led her to blaze her own trail as founder of First Impact Beauty, an agency specializing in retail marketing strategy for beauty startups. A BUDDING IDEA Despite her incredible successes in the beauty world, Kim still had a big dream to fulfill: Creating her own skincare product range. Yet even with years of experience in the industry, she never found a truly unique and natural ingredient that provided the effective results she wanted. Until she moved to the Netherlands for love. LOVE AT FIRST BLOOM It turns out that Kim’s dream man, Hein—a fourth-generation tulip farmer—would be the one to introduce her to her dream ingredient: His globally renowned, award-winning royal tulips. Jensen knew she had found the one. STEMMED FROM RESEARCH With a near infinite amount of tulips and her fingertips, Jensen partnered up with Monica Aurigemma—a longtime colleague and fellow beauty-biz expert—to start developing Bloomeffects. Together with HM van Haaster, Hein’s family business, Bloomeffects commissioned research on the usage of tulips in skincare and were awarded a Dutch government grant for this work. They then partnered with an innovative U.S. lab to create the most advanced skincare formulations that utilize the tulip’s most potent benefits. A FIELD OF DREAM BENEFITS So, what skincare benefits do tulips actually possess? A lot. They promote cellular growth (tulips are one of the only flowers that continue to grow after being cut!), are rich in amino acids, boost collagen through plant hormone found in the flower and act as a natural humectant. (After all, a tulip can hold up to its entire body weight in water.) All of these botanical powers translate to softer, smoother and glowingly hydrated skin. FROM FIELD TO FACE Here’s how it’s all harnessed. After the tulip bulbs are harvested, the stem cells are extracted, which forms the basis of the Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex. The complex is rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizing factors. You’ll find this complex in all Bloomeffects skincare and Bloomeffects beauty products, along with other unique and highly effective ingredients. IN FULL BLOOM After a lot of blood, sweat and blooms, Bloomeffects officially launched in fall 2019 with a beautiful, effective bouquet of skincare and cosmetics products. As the first skincare brand to harness the botanical power of tulips, it garnered immediate attention for creating petal-soft skin with a coveted, youthful glow. The clean, safe and wildly effective formulas are also packaged in beautifully sustainable jars, tubes and boxes to help protect our precious environment. MORE FLOWER POWER In partnership with Van Haaster Farm, Bloomeffects has unlimited access to fields and fields of gorgeous blossoms, exceptional natural resources and more than 100 years of best-in-class farming practices. Which means we’ll be able to cultivate Bloomeffects skincare and cosmetic innovations for generations to come.