BearCity 3
Feature Film + 4K Download (Purchase Only) + Behind The Scenes + Director's Commentary with Cast and Producers + Subtitles: English (CC), Spanish (CA & MX), Portuguese, Italian, German, French. Family can be hairy as Brent (Stephen Guarino) and Fred (Brian Keane) prepare for fatherhood. Meanwhile, Roger (Gerald McCullouch) has hits sights set back on ex-fiancé Tyler (Joe Conti). But Ty’s hunky Fire Chief partner, Jay (Tim Hooper) is not letting that flame blaze. Mama Bear Michael (Gregory Gunter) faces major challenges while “Bear Camping” and finds that love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Kathy Najimy (Veep) returns to play the lovable "Rose" as well as appearances by Daniel Franzese (Looking) and Walter Olkewicz (Twin Peaks). Join the Bear City ensemble as they take one final adventure into the woods, where romance can be hairy but ultimately worth every hilarious, sometimes painful and all-consuming moment.