The Structure of Existence - Audio Only
Bashar discusses “The One” and “All That Is” in relation to our place in the cosmos. Q&A includes: What can we do about people who judge others? What about negative art critics? Should we plan for the future or live in the now like Eckhart Tolle teaches? Why haven’t you shared your advanced technology with us? Is efficiency part of the excitement formula? Can you speak on quantum healing? My DNA was altered as a child. Does that make me a living hybrid? Are there abilities locked in my DNA that I can remember? Has anyone ever created one of your energy devices that functions? As you described, everything has its own signature frequency. Would that be a hertz number? Is there a way for us to better tune our electronics so they don’t give off a discordant frequency? What is the delusion of grandure in relation to the negative ego? Why do I have nightmares about the ocean? Can you speak of randomness and following your excitement? How advanced is Earth’s current propulsion technology? Is it transdimensional?