The State of the Union - Video (2 hours)
Join Bashar for this very special Father’s Day transmission from his own father, the master contact specialist who trained him. This rare session includes a State of the Union speech that is not to be missed! Session Date: June 19, 2016
 Location: Los Angeles
 Session Length: 2 hours Q&A includes: 
 • What’s your average life span? 
• How long has your civilization been in existence? 
• How did you get to the state where you didn’t destroy yourselves? How can we learn from that?
 • Are there animals where you come from?
 • Will we as humans get to visit your planet? 
 • Is this considered a voluntary colonization? 
• Do you foresee air travel problems from the U.S. to Europe due to a cataclysmic event? 
• What ET lineages do I have?
 • Do I have an alien implant? 
• Will I recognize my dad on the next level? 
• I feel like I have two entities inside me, positive and negative. Can you comment? 
• Are the victim and perpetrator two sides of the same coin? 
• How can I help heal trauma through yoga?
• Are The Ya'yell helping the hybrids?
 • I’m concerned about the probably terrorist attack. 
• Why do I create opportunities for myself and when I get them, I get scared? 
• How do I feel okay that this is all I can do to be at my best right now?
 • Because you’re a future version of Darryl, what’s the benefit for you? 
• Was my mom an ET? 
• I design video games. Do you have any games you’d like to share?
 • I was driving in the dark and I saw three lights in the sky. Was it a UFO?
 • Sometimes I see a blue and green light. What is it? 
• What does it mean when you say it can’t be disclosed at this time?
 • When will the drought end in California?
 • How do I break a habit? 
• You said the universe contains positive and negative. Must we experience the negative? 
• How can I be happy if others are suffering?
 • If our soul is unconditional love, why did we choose a life of evil, darkness, etc.?