The Protocols of First Contact - Video (2 hours)
Bashar describes the different phases, steps and procedures that take place in the process of first contact with a civilization! Q&A Includes: • When is the timing of contact determined? • What is the percentage of civilizations that proceed with initiation into the Interstellar Alliance? • What are some of the reasons they decide not to join? • How do other people’s realities interact and affect my reality if I’m doing what excites me without any expectations of outcomes? • Can you elaborate on my experiences with the symbology of Saturn? • How many times have I died in this lifetime? • What are the hybrid children? How will them living here come about? • As a Kundalini teacher, what does the kundalini energy do in the cosmos and how does it help people? • How can I help prepare people for the idea of first contact? • You talked about the qualities that we have in common with the Annunaki. What about love? • Can you talk about the crop circles? • I’ve been looking into this idea of the train tracks and what one you’re on. It seems like with our current political upheaval, the tracks are very clear. Is that right? • Who were the orange beings I met when I had a heart attack years ago? • Can you talk about time loops? • How can I tell if I'm getting responses from my guides or just making up the answers myself? • I've been in contact with beings who look like humanoid lions. Who are they? • What's the difference between how an individual shifts reality and how a group shifts reality?