The 4 Laws of Creation - Video (1.5 hours)
Q&A Includes: How close are humans to making physical contact with Bashar? What other ET's are out there wanting to make contact with us? Is it true that humans were put here by ET's? Is Bashar a breathairian and how do humans get to the point of subsisting on just pure energy? Does Bashar have sex? How do we get to the state where we can manifest like Jesus and Muhammad? How can we tap into the talents and memories of our other lives? Can we tap into the reality of being able to manipulate reality itself? Do all channeled entities feel like they're teaching kindergarten when they channel for humans? What insights does Bashar have about the pollution and radiation experienced on earth now? Is our reality like Playdough and should we worry about it? What is the difference between electromagnetism and gravity? How does Bashar describe love? Is love unconditional? Bashar tells us more about how we define love. What prevents us from embodying unconditional love? How is love perceived? In the bible where does it talk about ET contact and activity ? Was Jesus a hybrid being? How psychic are cats? What is the pineal glad for and it's relation to DMT? Are there multiple families of soul mates? What can be taken from the visions and experiences when taking DMT? Are humans going to be able to interact with others humans taking DMT? Is being here in this dimension like being an Avatar? In expanding our consciousness via yoga, music, psychedelics, meditation and more, is this opening the connection to our higher selves? How does one deal with those who wish to observe opposing points of view?