Nature's Social Network - Video (2+ Hours)
Bashar explores communication among beings in the natural world and how connecting with nature can ground you and expand your ability to reach higher states of consciousness. Q&A Includes: What would happen if you came to our planet in physical form? How can I connect more personally with nature? How can I communicate with an animal deliberately and have it flow like when I communicate with them spontaneously? Could you speak more of Lemuria? How many people are connected to one oversoul? Can I meet someone who shares an oversoul with me? Are they doppelgangers? Do any other alien races have tattoos? What are you seeing right this moment? I had a multidimensional experience years ago. Can I go back to that? How can I find my inner dolphin? Am I connecting with the Earth’s poles when I climb a mountain? Is creating a relationship with the elementals the basis of terraforming? What were the uses of the pyramid in Egypt called “Abu Rawash”? Am I doing planetary conservation on other levels? My family finds my involvement in a channeling group odd and I feel isolated because of it. How can I resolve this? Is The Oversoul “The Whole”? Is connecting with crystals connected to telempathy? How can I get over my fear of being judged? I have a lot of energy in the middle of the night. Should I adjust my sleeping cycle? Are Shamanism and plant teachers permission slips? How can someone get over a drug addiction? Bashar discusses The 13th Step. I want to live in my highest excitement all the time but I can’t. Help! Bashar speaks on denial. Is there a way to soothe the negative ego when fears come up? A small girl shares a joke with Bashar. Willa comes thorough to say hello. How can I make contact with faeries? What are elementals?