Dear Mom and Dad - Video (2 hours)
A heart-warming and humorous open letter from the hybrid children, as they explain what it is they are learning about humanity, and what their role can be once they arrive and live among humans on the Earth in the future. Q&A Inlcudes: • Is my 6-year-old child a hybrid? • Will my hybrid children be among the first 333 to arrive? • Can you comment on the violence in Chicago? • Will the Hybrid children be able to procreate with each other and humans? • Do hybrids consume raw foods? Should the people here also consume raw foods? • What do the hybrids laugh at? • I went to Egypt and I resonated with one of the tombs. Do I have a connection to this life? • Have you ever set foot on our planet? • I want to ask about two dreams where you came to my apartment and we hung out for awhile. Was that a test? • Do the hybrids communicate with us through animals? • Are there hybrid children from other cultures? Is it reflected in their physiology? • How can we be of service with the hybrid children and make their experience less alienating? • What are some ways we can explain The Hybrid Children to people so they are more welcoming about this? • What are the lives like for the hybrid children on ships? • Are fetuses that have been aborted sometimes part of the Hybrid agenda? • I'm experiencing energy in my body. Is this Kundalini?