Bashar at Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2014 - Video (1.5 hours)
May 24, 2014 - San Luis Obispo, CA Join Bashar as he answers your questions at this exciting event! Q&A Includes: Why is there an increase in so many autistic children these days and what can we do about it? Is anything impossible? Can we trust that every moment is perfect? What role does sexuality plays out in your society? Why are YOU awesome? How do you perceive the time? What is the meaning of being? Does existence precede essence? Are you an idealist or materialist? What is gravity? Do we need protection from reptilian ETs? Could you speak on the Pleadian evolution? What is the most important thing we can teach our children and the next generation? How are we going to break free from the shackles of exploitation? How is climate change affecting us? What if our highest excitement is to blow up people? Why are people attracted into dangerous situations like being killed by a bomb? Do you have anything to tell us about the way we treat animals? When will you show yourselves physically? Are there forces working against contact? We were evolved to eat animals as long as they are raised in their natural habitat? Why does All That Is chose to manifest itself in negative situations like imprisonment? Do you have any other tools you can share? More on permission slips. What can I do to eliminate negative beliefs I have about support? Bashar explains the "What would I have to believe" tool for pinpointing a negative belief. What is your take on vaccinations? What is your take on yoga?