As Above, So Below - Video (2 + Hours)
Understand how the higher non-physical levels of energy manifest as the physical reality we experience and how we can apply this knowledge in powerful ways in our lives. Q&A Includes: Can you speak more on the “Sage” level of mastery that Willa was speaking of? Do you have any exercises to allow actors to connect into a channeling state? What is unique about us? Are there a group of crystals that first contact specialists can work with on earth? I met my twin flame but we broke up- what happened?! What is the origin of the celestial body “Chiron”? Is there a psychedelic stronger than DMT? Why don’t humans get heart cancer? One time I got lost in the desert but then found myself- what happened? How can I break through to be my true self? We are seeing planetary objects in photos of the sun, what are they? Are dragons real? Are all the range of emotions that we feel neutral? Was my intuition being masked as fear? What are the origins and bloodlines of the Anunnaki, Inki, Hermes and Thoth? Do you have any special places that you recommend going to in Sedona? Do you see cryptocurrency as a replacement financial system? How can I best pursue my dream of helping people? Are light beings the first creation of source? Is Telempathy activated by love? Are animals and nature more connected because we, as humans are seeded here? Does love govern this universe? What about other universes? I am here illegally. How can I stop living in fear of being deported? Can you speak on destiny and free will? What’s the difference between instinct and intuition? What paths do electrons take, are they based on beliefs? Are we physical able to see spirits in 4th density?