Awesome Science Season 1 with Bonus Materials
Enjoy all twelve episodes of Awesome Science with Noah Justice, and also get all of the bloopers, behind the scenes videos, interviews, and extra segments...16 extra videos total. The episodes include: 1: Explore Grand Canyon National Park 2: Explore Yellowstone National Park 3: Explore Meteor Crater / Petrified Forest National Park 4: Explore Yosemite / Zion National Parks 5: Explore Mount St. Helens 6: Explore The John Day Fossil Beds 7: Explore Glaicer National Park 8: Explore Rocky Mountain National Park 9: Explore Dinosaur National Monument 10: Explore The Mammoth Site 11: Explore Arches National Park / Natural Bridges National Monument 12: Explore Mesa Verde National Park / The Chaco Ruins National Monument