Coz Pigs Cant Fly
If you're on this page then you already know, my old man - Kermit and myself have decided to get in and do something for charity. Now you may already know that the roads are some of the worst in Australia, thousands on thousands of kilometers of dirt, potholes, river crossings and god awfully maintained tracks covered in ruts. You may already know that we aren't doing this in new Holden Colorado or a top of the line precision German engineered Volkswagen Amarok, oh lord no, that'll be easy. Instead we're driving vehicles from a forgotten era, the type of vehicle that has been left to rot in the back of a farm shed, or even better, left in the back paddock for 20 years. Yes, we are indeed traversing the Australian outback in a true shitbox, gumtree searches include, 'for those mechanically minded' 'great first car' and my favourite 'good for parts'. Sounds bad? Pop a max price of $1,000 and sort by highest price first and you'll see what we're dealing with. VS Commodores thrashed by P-Platers, stickers all over the rear window, their diffs welded, holes drilled into their muffler... that's if he muffler is still attached.So please donate, if you won't donate, at very least, pray.