Audition Secrets Plus
This package has everything! Both the film "Audition Secrets" plus extended interviews with each of the directors from the film. - John Miller-Stephany (Guthrie Theatre) - Jack Reuler (Mixed Blood Theatre) - Rick Shiomi (Mu Performing Arts) - Peter Brosius (Children's Theatre Company) - Michelle Hensley (Ten Thousand Things Theatre) - Wendy Knox (Frank Theatre) - Ron Peluso (History Theatre) - Joel Sass (Jungle Theatre, et al) - Bain Boehlke (Jungle Theatre) - Martha Johnson (Mu Performing Arts, Augsburg College) - Richard Cook (Park Square Theatre) - Lou Bellamy (Penumbra Theatre) - Luverne Seifert (University of Minnesota) - Darcey Engen (Augsburg College) - Barbra Berlovitz (Theatre de la Jeune Lune) Nearly eight hours of material that you can watch any time! Learn the tricks of the trade—and more—from the decision-makers themselves. Get it before your next audition!