Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets do matter a lot. When a kitchen is remodeled cabinets are the most important accessories that are taken care of. We make sure your kitchen gets a complete lavish look with perfectly matched cabinets. Atlantic Tile, Kitchen and Bath is a kitchen cabinet store that provides an endless variety of beautifully crafted cabinets ready for you to choose. You don’t have to worry about the styles and designs that could go with the look of your kitchen. Cabinets come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. It all depends on the type of kitchen you have. Let’s get an overview of the cabinets that you can install in your dream kitchen. Rock the wooden trend: The very traditional and the very cozy environment of the kitchen always come with a wooden look. The brown environment is what makes it look momma style. Wooden does not mean too brown only. Surprisingly, there are hundreds of shades of brown. Chestnut, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, tortilla, peanut, tawny, cedar, mocha, caramel, and the list goes on. You can play with the shades and craft a unique appearance of the cabinets. The mesmerizing look of brown never grows old! Stainless steel panel cabinets: Want something different from the wooden trend? No worries. You can easily switch to stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets in Virginia have now taken a revolutionary change by introducing the stainless steel panel cabinets. Since it is your choice of kitchen remodeling, therefore, believing someone else’s notion won’t do the magic. Most people believe that stainless steel cabinets have limited styles and designs. Well, our kitchen cabinet stores have cabinet designs like no one else. The clean reflecting steel brings a cool perfection to your kitchen! Fit-in cabinet appliances: Stop believing into the notion that says small kitchens can’t be professionally remodeled. The best part about small kitchens is that they give you an option to give them a palatial look by only installing cabinets. Cabinets? Yes, Make your kitchen space-savvy. Every household has appliances because they have become a necessity. It would be idiotic to get rid of appliances but super smart to conceal them in cabinets. Kitchen cabinets by Fairfax have the capacity to adjust a microwave, an oven, a refrigerator, and many other similar appliances. Steal the show with you small but trendy kitchen! Pure white cabinets: White brings aesthetic pleasure. Kitchens which are very intricately crafted by giving attention to every minor detail and overall painted white are simply irresistible. Kitchen cabinets in Virginia with their upgraded look of allure stand out the most. Our kitchen cabinet store has freshly furnished and must-to-adore cabinets all ready for you to install. White makes your kitchen regal. White cabinets with very finely designed miniatures take your kitchen to the next level of charm! Retro style cabinets: Want a completely different and rocking kitchen transformation? Well, by only choosing the correct style of cabinets would give your kitchen a complete retro look. You can play with different colors. In retro, you are not bound with specific designs and colors. You are free to choose textures and colors. Go for bold reflecting colors. Red, maroon, yellow and even green is something you can fall for. You can go for full-length cabinets, small dividers, and You can give each cabinet a different color. Rock the retro! Pick your combination: This is counted as one of the favorites. Ask yourself about your favorite combination. What is it? Black and white, red and black, purple and yellow or something else? Now imagine your kitchen cabinets painted in that combination. Sounds cool, right? Well, Atlantic knows to put your imagination into It looks equally beautiful to choose cabinet designs of a specific combination.