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Second Marriage In Horoscope & Astrology Two Marriages In horoscope - Astrology: Second Marriage In Horoscope And Astrology: When Saturn & Mercury are in conjunct in 7th house and in 11th house two other planets are there the native will get married two times. If somehow the Ketu is involved with this yoga so the second marriage will be happen in secret. Predicting Second Marriage Through Horoscope If lagna lord & 7th lord both are placed either in ascendant or lagna or 7th house so there will be two marriages. If the 7th lord from lgna or Moon is in dual sign and conjoined with Venus or the same combination and placement is there in Navamsa, so there will also be two marriages. If the 8th lord goes to 1st house or to the 7th house and 7th lord is in dual sign or influenced by malefic planets, so there will be two mariiages. If the lords of 2nd house and 7th house are influenced by malefic planets (here, co-joining is the prime rule) or Mars & Saturn joins 7th &