Gravity Body Academy Structural Integration School
Gravitybody Structural Academy is proud to offer a complete online education to those that want a more modern experience. A pre-requisite to the GravityBody Academy (GBA) is completion of the 3-part series Anatomy and Physiology or an equivalent source. Christa and Gerald Clark demonstrate the Rolf 10-Series switching roles as client and practitioner. Multiple camera angles as well as good lighting and audio are to be expected, we add much more to the experience. Advanced CGI 3D models, avatars, aliens, and surprises keep the student engaged and excited to learn more. For less than the price of a 10-series in many areas, individuals can choose to learn the SI methods for personal empowerment, sharing with friends and family, or opening a practice to share the work with the broader community. If you are looking for a brick and mortar old-fashioned way of working, this school is not for you. We are mavericks and want to share how we navigated the red tape and educational legalism that structural integrators have been subjected to. In this series we will show you not only how to align a body to the infinite force of gravity, but also how to operate in a manner that precludes overbearing continuing education, licenses, and how to make your practice run smoothly.