Gravity Body Academy Structural Anatomy 3-Part Series with Gerald Clark
Imagine leaning a tedious topic like human anatomy in the comfort of your home versus obtaining it the old fashioned way, in an outdated classroom with all the drama that goes with it. This anatomy series uses advanced 3D CGI complete human anatomy models for an in depth tour and detailed visual journey as part of the process of Knowing Thyself. The 3-part Anatomy Series is a fundamental portion of the complete Gravity Body Structural Academy offering which can be purchased stand-alone. Extensive multimedia elements are part of the series to include layered body compositing of an incredible NEW 3D human anatomy avatar owned by the school. In less than 6 hours, the student can learn the basics and some advanced structural perspectives on the complete musculo-skeletal system. This is a must have for the serious anatomy student. When you complete the series you may take your final exam here:, certifications will be provided upon completion. You may repeat as needed with no time limit. You'll do great!