Ride safety: 10 bicycle cycling taboos
Be prepared for the perfect ride, you can start on the road by riding, but in the process of riding, the following items are specifically to be avoided: 1. Improper use of the brakes Please brake the rear wheel first when you are driving, avoiding the vehicle being overpowered and crashing. 2. Improper turning method Deceleration should be done before entering the corner. Also, braking during the turn is a dangerous thing. 3. Wrong up and down way Do not stand up and pedal on the uphill road. The increase in the center of gravity of the ride results in poor handling and the rear wheels are also prone to slip. When braking is required, the vehicle should be braked in advance, and emergency braking is strictly prohibited. 4. Failure to maintain a safe distance If you follow the team for group riding, you should always keep a bicycle at a safe distance. 5. Wear headphones to ride Wearing headphones is difficult to know the outside world, such as the horn of the rear vehicle or the reminder of teammates. The long length of the headphone cable is also prone to accidents. If you want to listen to music or radio, you can use a device such as a loudspeaker. It is strictly forbidden to wear headphones to listen to music while riding. 6. Mentally incompetent (physical discomfort) barely on the road If you are unwell or mentally unsatisfactory, your concentration will not be concentrated. You should choose other alternatives to advance or delay your journey to avoid danger. 7. Vehicle failure is still on the road If the vehicle fails to make an emergency repair at the moment, it should proceed in other alternative ways or request road rescue. In particular, components such as brakes or wheelsets (tires) have abnormal conditions. Do not force them to ride. 8. In the event of bad weather still riding. If you encounter severe weather factors such as typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strikes, strong winds, etc., you should wait for the wind and rain to slow down or cancel the trip. Also, avoid riding at high temperatures and replenish moisture at the right time. 9. Night riding does not plan to travel in advance Due to the lack of illumination light source, it can only be used as an aid to remind other passers-by. Therefore, we should plan to start early, increase the noon break, and arrive at the end of today's journey before the sun sets. Group riding should avoid night riding, to avoid accidents due to factors such as poor sight and unfamiliar roads. 10. Didn't take a DKY RETRO electric bike Retro R&S are the first vintage bike that perfect blend of art and technique with smart design (with design patent). Also, the outstanding new design shaft dive system brings you a clean and comfortable trip. In addition to keeping fit, don't sit on the tour bus to see flowers, bicycle travel can be closer to the beauty of nature with a different angle.